2024 Junior Disc Golf League


The league is primarily intended for children aged 10 to 15 years. We also welcome slightly younger siblings, provided they can follow instructions and actively participate. Older teenagers aged 16 and above are encouraged to join our adult league, which meets on Wednesday nights.


Each league session begins with 5 to 15 minutes of either instruction or practice drills. Participants will then play a round on the Rainbow course, utilizing a handicap system akin to that used in our adult league. Players are typically grouped by handicap, and siblings can be grouped together or separately, depending on what is most suitable.


Please note that this is not a supervised event. While children are permitted to participate without direct adult supervision, they are expected to behave appropriately. All participation is at your own risk, and parent involvement is not just welcomed but strongly encouraged.


For insurance reasons, to participate in the Junior Disc Golf League, all players (junior and adult) must be members of the PGDGC.

Cost / Registration

Registration is not required; just show up! Participation in the league is FREE, with the only cost being the annual membership fee for the PGDGC ($20).


For those who do not have their own discs, loaner discs will be available as needed.

Location and Time

The league meets every Monday evening at 6:30 PM, starting May 27, at Rainbow Park near the maintenance shed.


We welcome participants of all skill levels to join in the fun and learning of disc golf.

Parental Involvement

We strongly encourage parents to join in and play the round with their children, although adults’ scores and handicaps will not be tracked.

Group Size

Our goal is to have groups, or ‘cards,’ of 4 to 6 players, which include parents to foster family engagement and support.


The league emphasizes teaching not only the technical skills necessary for disc golf but also important soft skills such as course etiquette, professionalism, humility in victory, and graciousness in defeat. We strive to foster a healthy competitive spirit and the tenacity to keep striving, even when faced with setbacks.


The league will feature a variety of incentives, including weekly prizes, year-end awards, and special recognitions for outstanding achievements. Specific details will be provided as they are finalized.